Irrigation Supplies

gplawn.comPlaces that integrate complex irrigation systems

Water is a valuable entity. And although some places seem to use more than others, that is not the case. Some establishments just redirect and distribute their water in strategic ways for various reasons.

Places like;

Golf Courses

Vast stretches of grass encompass golf courses. To maintain the traditional, lush green shade, intricate sprinkler cycles are employed.


The cultivation of trees for fruit production requires tactical watering plans which are tailored to the season, the type of fruit, and the areas precipitation rates.

Botanical Gardens

These establishments usually demand the most complex, and comprehensive watering systems. Dedicated to the cultivation and preservation of plants, they comprise thousands of different varieties, each with their own watering limit and optimal watering time.

With extensive irrigation stipulations, the need for top water irrigation supplies increases. We, at GP Lawn, understand this and offer a huge category of high quality supplies that you’ll need to get the job done.

Visit our website and see how we can help!

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3 Tips to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful


  1. Water regularly – Keeping your lawn watered is the best way to keep your grass nice and green. Many people forget to water their lawn and are left with a patchy mess. Don’t let that happen to your lawn.
  2. Buy manure – As winter rolls in, the grass starts to die off. Keep your lawn green in the spring by adding a fresh layer of manure to your lawn. This will add all the nutrients your lawn needs to breathe.
  3. Mow often – Mowing your lawn gives your lawn that beautiful uniform look of fresh cut grass. Keep your lawn looking gorgeous by mowing regularly. has systems that will keep your lawn looking beautiful year round.


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3 Tips for Improving Landscaping Design


  1. Consider Needs: Before setting your new landscaping design in stone, consider your family’s outdoor living requirements. Do you kids need a place to play? Would you like an entertainment area? Establishing your outdoor living requirements first aids the design decision process, ensuring your final landscaping accommodate said needs.
  2. Weather Patterns: What is the weather like where you live? Make sure the plants you choose to include in your landscaping design can survive in your climate, for added savings.
  3. Focal Point: Choosing a focal point to use at your design’s center is a great way to develop a cohesive look.

Are you looking for a quality sprinkler system to maintain your new landscaping? GP Lawn offers high-grade sprinkler parts, to keep your lawn looking fresh.


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3 Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Green


  1. Fertilize: Grass grows best on fertilized soil. However, only fertilize your lawn a few times a year to avoid overgrowth.
  2. Water in the Mornings: When watering your lawn, you want to give plants their best shot at soaking up all that hydrating goodness. Watering in the early morning hours allows grass and plants ample time to drink the water before the rise sun poses evaporation threats.  
  3. Repair Brown Spots: Brown spots typically occur on your lawn in response to the high nitrogen levels in pet urination. The best way to combat these spots it to dilute the nitrogen-heavy areas with increased watering.

Are you looking for a new sprinkler system to keep your lawn looking great this season? GP Lawn offers quality sprinkler systems and parts to help you keep your greenery hydrated.

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3 Ways to Maintain Your Sprinkler System


  1. Measure Flow: You sprinklers should constantly emit at a certain water level. You can measure this flow with a tin can to determine if your system needs cleaning.
  2. Drain Before Freeze: If the water running through your pipes freezes during the winter, it can potentially crack your sprinkler system piping. To avoid this potential damage, drain all water from your sprinkler system before winter hits.
  3. Frequent Inspection: Sprinkler systems have many moving parts. Be sure to regularly check each sprinkler head and replace broke parts to keep your system functioning at its best.

Are you looking for parts to repair your sprinkler system? GPLawn Irrigation offers quality sprinkler system parts to keep your lawn watered all season long.

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